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Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

Over the years, AYURVEDA has evolved into an ideal system of therapeutic treatment,  that helps in coping with the pressures of present day fast paced sedentary lifestyle. The Ayurvedic treatment procedures, when complemented with the following yogic practices/sciences, would be more effective in beating the challenges of modern day stressful lifestyle.

YOGA is a system, that  harmonises the mind - body - spirit  and  thereby promotes health. The main aim of yoga is self-realisation. For a person who wants to tread  the  path of yoga, his effort will have to be, to cease to identify himself with  the  mind - body - spirit complex completely and to look upon those three elements as  tools for transcending the ego, in order to identify his inner being with the pure  consciousness, whose very nature is absolute peace, harmony and bliss. It is a way of life that is often touted for its health benefits. There is promising evidence on the effect of yoga which has the potential to be a cost-effective treatment and prevention strategy, ensuring health-related quality of life improvements.


PRANAYAMA is the science of systematic harnessing of the breath, for gaining control over the prana and thereby on the mind. Pranayama forms the fourth limb of Patanjali’s eight limbed Ashtanga Yoga.

MEDITATION (DHYANA) is the foundation of spirituality. Meditation/Dhyana is the seventh limb of Patanjali’s Yoga. By meditation, we create a temporary lull in our mind  and calmness prevails, during which time, we are in touch with the divine force.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation teaches us ways of enriching, enhancing and extending our lives without interference from disease and ageing, by bringing back the natural rhythm of the mind and body.