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About Vedic Sciences/Traditions

Ayurveda, which originates from Rigveda and Atharvaveda, is an ancient healing tradition which provides insights into enriching and enhancing our lives without interference from disease and ageing. It propounds that good health is not simply the absence of disease, but a state of harmonious and dynamic balance of the mind, body, soul and the environment. It just adds life to years and not years to life.

Yoga: The main aim of yoga is self-realisation. For a person who wants to tread the path ofyoga, his effort will have to be, to cease to identify himself with the body -life - mind complex completely andto look upon those three elements as tools for transcending the ego, in order to identify his inner being with the pure consciousness, whose very nature is all - peace, harmony and creative joy.

Music originates from Samaveda. It has frequently been used as a therapeutic agent from ancient times. Music is a kind of yoga through the medium of sonorous sound, which acts upon the human organs and awakens and develops their proper functioning to the extent of self-realisation. This is the ultimate goal of Sanathana Dharma.

`Melody’ is the keynote of Indian music. `Raga’ is the basis of melody. Various `Ragas’ have been found to be very effective in curing many diseases. Music acts on our mind before being transformed into thought and feeling. It helps heal most psychological and psychosomatic disorders and aids in innner harmony.

“RAAGA MUSIC ACADEMY” will strive to bring all these Vedic Sciences into one focus. A unique combination of Ayurveda , Yoga and Music under one roof is the humble concept.