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About Us

Prajna Kuteera Ayurveda Centre, a unique centre for Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Rejuvenation and Yoga, the brainchild of Dr. N. V. Krishnamurthy and his spouse Dr. Poornima Krishnamurthy,  was founded in the year 1990, under the umbrella of its parent organization, Swami Vivekananda Research Institute of Medical Sciences and Rural Development Centre [SVRIMS & RDC], a non-profit organization,  Registered under the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs, Government of India.


Its sister concern Abhijna International Academy of Ayurveda & Yoga has also been promoting these two traditional sciences, for well over two decades now. Whilst, Prajna Kuteera is for therapeutics in Ayurveda & Yoga, Abhijna International Academy is into Academics and Research.


The centre also serves as a platform to the Global Alliance of Traditional Health Systems [GATHS], India and the Mind Body Spirit Society of India [MBSSI], India.


The centre is located in Kergalli on the countryside, about 8 Kms from the serene city of Mysore, in picturesque surroundings. Amidst Vedic chants, the  Ayurveda therapies and Yoga sessions bring about the inner calmness and rejuvenation of the mind & body. The centre offers treatment packages in Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Rejuvenative therapies coupled with  therapeutic  Yoga.

About our Logo

‘Prajnanam Brahma (Brahman is Knowledge)’

The letters, V P K on the logo denote the Tridoshas – Vata, Pitta & Kapha and their respective colours; the harmony of the mind, body and consciousness is depicted by the Shatchakras and the two Nadis (Ida & Pingala); the wavy waters are symbolic of Karma; the lotus of Bhakti; the rising sun of Jnana and the encircling serpent of Yoga and the awakened Kundalini, of Shakti. The Pranava or AUM,  the sacred syllable or the primal sound that existed before creation, symbolizes and embodies Brahman – the absolute reality. To sum up, by the union of Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga, one can attain Liberation.