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Antenatal & Post-Natal Care

We at Prajna kuteera, deeply care for the well-being of the mother and the new born.The Ayurvedic way ensures good maternal health and healthy progeny with a good immune status.  The diet, suitable exercise and a positive mind-set during pregnancy is considered to be essential in safe conception and the birth of healthy offspring. Counselling of both parents who have had difficulty in concieving a child and  counselling the expectant mother during pregnancy is an important part of Prajna Kuteera’s appraoch to ante-natal care in addition to providing traditional therapies. Pre-conception panchakrama therapy, stress management and deep relaxation techniques during pregnancy are taught to the expectant mother. A trimester programme of suitable Yoga practices is also available for expectant mothers. Dealing with changes that take place after conception is also done through counselling and advice on diet and exercise regimens. 

  Look what we offer :

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling to couples
  • Panchakarma therapy for a healthy conception 
  • Antenatal (pregnancy) care and advice
  • Traditional therapies during pregnancy
  • Yoga classes (Trimester programme for expectant mothers)
  • Stress management and deep relaxation techniques during pregnancy
  • Advice on traditional post-partum care for mothers and grandmothers 
  • Swarna praashana for the new born 
  • Programmes to help young mothers to shape up.
  • Parenting Tips.