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RAAGA Mission

  • To provide a musical platform aimed at reflecting synergies between music and holistic medicine.
  • To propagate Vedic and spiritual sciences/traditions through performing arts.
  • To nurture and promote spiritual exploration/inner purification through music and other art forms.
  • To provide the musically inclined audience of Mysore with an opportunity to listen to various music forms every month on the day/s decided by the Board of Trustees.
  • To provide a platform for performances by conducting/organizing/facilitating such programmes.
  • To promote and/or protect Indian traditional/classical Carnatic/Hindustani music, dance and other allied art forms by organizing music/performing arts festivals, enhanced by music-discourses, lecture-demonstrations, symposia and workshops.
  • To encourage the emerging/upcoming/budding artistes to showcase their talents, so that they can get due recognition within the country and abroad.
  • To create awareness and instill a sense of pride in India’s heritage, develop interest and passion for the classical performing arts and culture of India amongst the younger generation, by holding talks, involving them in the study for broadening the horizons of knowledge and performance of the classical art forms.
  • To organize artistes’ meets to have interactions with accomplished/eminent artistes and encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences for advanced learning/fine-tuning/repertoire training, exposing them to the discipline of the Gurukula way of life or system/Guru-Shishya tradition, lending itself to character-formation, transformation and a paradigm shift within. 
  • To provide an educational platform bringing together renowned performing artistes, teachers, students and the public.
  • To offer a unique platform for performing artistes for development and to experiment new things through stimulation of the artiste’s creative/innovative artistic spirit.
  • To provide an opportunity for the audience to have personal interaction with the artistes.
  • To undertake and encourage cultural exchanges with similar organizations dedicated to Indian classical music/other performing arts, both in India and abroad.
  • To organise Music Festivals and celebrate the Annual Day of the Trust every year as cultural/ social event/s.
  • To run, maintain, assist or offer support to any educational or other institution/s, for teaching, guiding, counselling, training or otherwise, through qualified teachers for the benefit of deserving or underprivileged students.
  • To undertake any other activity incidental to the above activities but which are not   inconsistent with the above objectives, which the Trustees may decide upon from time to time.