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Our Mission

  • to spread the knowledge of our ancient sciences globally and create awareness about wellness, the natural way.
  • to promote healthy living through Ayurveda, by harmonising the mind, body and spirit, through various wellness programmes.
  • to provide medical services to the remotest of the rural and urban areas by conducting medical camps all over India. 
  • to cultivate and conserve medicinal herbs and other endangered species of flora, for Ayurvedic pharmaceutical use, by strictly adhering to the principles of organic integrity.
  • to conduct  Ayurveda, Yoga and Sanskrit  educational programmes in the form of short-term and long-term courses in India and abroad.
  • to create centres of excellence in holistic medical systems.
  • to assist the modern, complementary and alternative systems of medicine catering to advanced medical facilities globally.
  • to conduct Research in Ayurveda by using the ancient tools such as Yoga and Meditation.
  • to develop an easily accessible, acceptable and relatively affordable healthcare system.