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Swarna Praashana - The Elixir of life

Swarna praashana is an age old tradition practiced in Ayurveda.It is a procedure that potentiates the immune syatem in children. A tradition derived from the Vedas, there are various such procedures (or karmas as it is aptly called) done soon after the baby is born.They are Swarna praashana, Aayushya karma,Chhoodakarma, Annapraashana,Aksharabhyasa etc.These procedures potentiates the health status of the child and increases longevity.The reference of Swarna praashana is found is Kaashyapa Samhita, a well known,hugely referred treatise of Ayurvedic Paediatrics.

It quotes-
Suvarna praashanam hayeth medhagni bala vardhanam
Aayushkara mangalam vrushyam gruhaapaham
Parama medhavi  vyadhirbhin pushyathe
Shadarbhi maasair shruthadharaha
Suvarna praashanath bhaveth
                             (Kaashyapa samhitha)

Swarna praashana is  said to improve intellect, digestion and strength. Increases longevity builds up immunity, acts as a rasayana and an aphrodisiac and wards off evils.It improves memory and cognitive and computing skills and roots out diseases.It potentiates the activity of the senses and  wards off disorders of speech and hearing and also promotes mental health. It is administered on the day of Pushya Nakshatra as this day is known to bring about pushti or nourishment.

Prajna Kuteera, Mysore is conducting the Swarna praashana programme termed as the Elixir of Life on every Pushya nakshatra day.

The  beneficiaries will get to get this medicine in the form of  2 drops in the mouth once  every month, for 21 months.