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Swarna Praashana

Swarna Praashana is an age old tradition derived from the Vedas, practised in Ayurveda. It is a procedure that potentiates the immune system in children. There are various rituals (or samskaaraas as they are aptly called), followed soon after the baby is born. They are Swarna Praashana, Aayushya karma, Choodakarma, Annapraashana, Aksharabhyasa etc. These procedures improve the health status of the child and increase longevity.

Swarna Praashana is said to:

  • Improve digestion & strength and root out diseases
  • Increase longevity, build up immunity, act as a rasayana and ward off evils 
  • Improve memory, intellect, cognitive, language and computing skills 
  • Potentiate the activity of the senses and  alleviate disorders of speech 
  • Promote  mental health.

It is administered on the day of Pushya Nakshatra, as this day is known to bring about pushti or nourishment and is in tandem with swarna (gold) which is governed by Guru graha. Prajna kuteera conducts Swarna Praashana on this day, every month.