Guest Testimonials

"We came to mysore with open minds and were very satisfied with all aspects of treatments. The staff treated us with loving care and were always professional and friedly. The fifteen days spent here was like home away from home and our sessions with  Dr. poornima and Dr.Krishna murthy N.V. were invaluable. This experience will be treasured." -Ken Thomas and Sigrid Thomas, Directors paragan consultancy, Western Australia     

"I have completed a fifteen day rejuvenation therapy here. The treatments served to remove the pain from my body …my soul …and my mind so that I could once again feel the source of all life present with in me. Every one here contributed to the honouring of me as a temple. I have felt held and nourished and had the time and space to open. I leave this place with gratitude and peace…and with the path of ayurveda clear before me. OM"
- Elizabeth van eden  Australia

"No words can explain the love and caring you all have shown. And the removal of the illusion of dis-ease. –with peace and love"
- CHRIS TOBIAS Perth Australia

"Amazing experience.absolutely professional, courteous, knowledgeable staff makes a patient feel more as a guest. Persistant low-back ache seems to have dissappered after two sessions of therapy. Great work. God bless prajna kuteera." - Raghunandan Vyasarao Dubai. UAE

"This is my third panchakarma with dr. n.v.Krishna murthy and his team. Each time it only reinforces my confidence that I am at the hands of an expert team. The treatments are fantastic,the care shown by his team is remarkable. The team is very compassionate, ever loving  and highly motivated. Thanks doctor for such an experience I look foreward to coming here often."
- Ravi Ramaswamy, Wipro GE  Medical Systems, Bangalore.

"Excellent work by dedicated and humble team.may god bless you all and may you continue  to heal" -Mahendra Mehta London.

"The compassion and devotion at this center are palpable.every treatment here is like a prayer experience"
Swami Brahmaswarupananda, Vedanta center of Greater Washington DC.
"Wonderful treatment. Felt refreshed and relaxed.i was in a state of samadhi !!. the therapists are very professional and skillful. I would recommend this place to anyone. I cant wait to come back again."
- Ping Luo.

"Dr. Krishnamurthy and Dr. Poornima run a wonderful institution with a lot of humility ,love and affection.i will always cherish my time here."
- Rajendra Desai, Perth, Australia.

"Prajna kuteera is a wonderful place to have a panchakarma treatment. staff and doctors are very professional courteous and full of knowledge . Thanks to everyone for this and exceptional intense experience hope to come back next year." - Norbert Mundstoch,  Sweden.
"LOVE LOVE SEVA SEVA  The best treatment I have had ever you+your team are an inspiration to all who work for a living. The kindness + love +professionalism is the best. I hope you can replicate this World wide thanks." - Harry Ellert,  Australia.
"A very nice experience to be in the expert and dedicated hands, it is a wonderful experience in two weeks panchakarma.Dr. Krishna murthy has built up a very good team. Many many thanks to you god bless you."  - Bimal Gomes,  Senior Manager, State Bank of India, New Delhi.
"I had a very good experience while taking the  treatment every body treated me as a member of their family. Thank you very much. "
- J Vijaya Kumari, Bharathiya Notu Mudrana Nagar (BRNML), Mysore.
"We are extremely pleased and happy with the treatments and hospitality. Sessions with Dr.Krishnamurthy and Dr. Poornima are our treasure which we would remember for long time." - Satjith Singh, Perth, Australia.
"My experience at PRAJNA KUTEERA has been very healing for my mind body and soul. Dr. Krishnamurthy and Dr.Poornima was very understanding about my health concerns and prescribed a powerful panchakarma treatment for me, the entire staff gave their best to me, for this I am thankful and feel blessed to here been a patient at this facility. I will absolutely recommend this healing center of Ayurveda-1. OM SHANTHI SHANTHI SHANTHI. " - Vajra, USA.
"Best ever, So good, Thank You" - Hana Sali, Victoria, Australia
"Amazing experience of our life. Outstanding Professionalism"
- Bogar & Sylvie Nagraj, Mill Valley, CA, USA .
"Excellent service. Wish I knew about you earlier." - Judith Nake, Denmark.