Beauty Therapy

Though ayurveda is a science of life explaining the totality of life with preventive and curative aspects, it also considers the social and  beauty aspects to complete the definition of health  specially narrated by the great sage  sushrutha. So Prajna Kuteera consideres soundarya chikitsa equally important. One of the famous ayurvedic classical texts Sharangadhara Samhita explains in detail about Soundarya Chikitsa to KESHA (Hair Treatment), MUKHA (Face Treatment), HASTHA (Treatment to Hands), PADA (Treatment to Legs) by using special medicated Herbs, Milk, Oils, Herbal pastes and so on to cure the diseases and to enhance the beauty.

Prajna kuteera is catering services in the following aspects:
    • Herbal facial and other related treatments to acne-vulgaris, bhangu,vyanga nyacha.
    • Pedicure.
    • Manicure.
    • Keshini with related treatments for dandruff, hairfall, premature greying of hair and baldness of head.